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“Building Bright Minds”


Our goal is to introduce children to concepts in Engineering, Mathematics and Science, in a fun and exciting manner. To teach them computer programming, applied Engineering, and increase their exposure to new concepts. Create confidence for future learning while reinforcing current school concepts. Translate and apply this knowledge to real world applications and provide an alternative industry point of view.

“We will build a foundation to transform our local community”.

Our programs are tailored for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

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Wolfram – Alpha for Students!

Wolfram Alpha is the premier mathematical modeling language.  The Jupyter notebook was built emulating this interface, and even though great advances have been made in Python, Wolfram Alpha is capable of so much more. In industry this is a very expensive tool, luckily for students, there is a student version. We will have a series of classes, that explores the usage of Wolfram Alpha. In the meantime here is Stephen Wolfram himself explaining his marvelous tool. 



“Better then Siri”

(last command on the list below, is an actual Mathematica command)


Here are some neat things to try. Go nuts…

$84.22, 15% tip, 3 people

temperature in russia


plot the sin of x in purple


founding of Carthage, fall of Constantinople

salary mathematician, physicist, chemist

Orion Nebula

Al + O2 -> Al2O3


Try any of these example below: